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CVS Extra Care Rewards Card
Apply for this card in store or online. By doing it in the store you will be able to have the card immediatly instead of having to wait for it to come in the mail.

CRT coupons
Coupons printed at the end of your receipt. Those can not be reset by calling CVS like you can with the EB's (see below) once they are expired.
Extra Care Coupons
Those are coupons printed off the Red Price Scanner in the store. When you go to CVS go to the scanner and scan your CVS card. It will print out CVS store coupons.

BOGO sale
The CVS coupon policy allows you to stack coupons for each item but it is up to the store manager to accept both coupons on BOGO items.

Stacking Copons
Stacking means you can use a Manufacturer’s coupons and a CVS coupon. But you need to be careful not to waste any overage since the CVS registers are programmed to not allow any overage. If the cashier is ringing up your coupons and the last coupon will go over your amount you will hear a beep sound. The cashier can manually modify the amount to the max value.

Extra Care Bucks or Extra Bucks (ECB/EB)
Extra Bucks are like cash that print out at the end of your receipt for the purchase of certain items. At the end of each quarter, CVS gives you back an additional 2% of the total amount that you spent during that quarter. The 2% is calculated after coupons. CVS also gives you back $1 for every 2 prescriptions filled at CVS. That $1 is reflected in your quarterly EB total.
You can also earn EB through promotions like “Buy $20 of Revlon Cosmetics, receive $10 in EB.” The required amount to receive the EB is calculated before coupons. You can purchase those items in different transaction and don't have to buy all items in that particular promotion in the same transaction as long as you buy them while the promotion is valid. It will take 48 hours for the EB's to print. You might see those EB's on your online account before but that is not a guarantee that they will print before the 48.

Items you can not purchase with EB's:
Gift Cards

EB's expire after 4 weeks from the date they are printed on your receipt, meaning your EB's print on January 1st at 4pm, they will expire on January 28th at 4pm. So if you go into the store on January 28th at 6pm, the EB's will beep. The manager can manually input it for you since it's not past the expiration date yet.

If your EB's do expire, you can call CVS at 1-800-SHOP-CVS and they can reset them for you.

You can also print your EB's online. But they will only print once, either online OR in the store. You can print them mulitiple times online but they will only scan once. At most CVS stores the sales for the following week go into affect late saturday. You can get the items on sale but you can not get any EB's towards that purchase.

Extra Care Bucks booklet
This booklet features all monthly deals and is available at the store usually in the pharmacy area. Or just ask :)

Coupon handling
Have cashier scan your card first, then hand over coupons like $5/$20, then in-store coupons, then MF coupons and last but not least your ECB's.

Rolling EB
A lot of CVS shoppers roll their EB's, meaning that they use their EB's from a previous purchase towards ongoing promotions. I personally have yet to do that so I hope I can explain it correctly as it was explained to me once.

For example:
CVS has a promotion going on like "Buy $20 worth of Garnier products and earn $20". The conditioner is on sale for $4 and you have $1.50/1 in MFQ's.
5x Garnier Conditioner at $4 each => $20
- $4/20 => $16
- 5 $1.50/1 => $8.50 OOP

Then in 48 hours you can print your $20 EB's. Purchase something small for you EB's to print and do it again.
10xGarnier products at $4 each => $40
- $4/20 => $36
- 10x $1.50/1 => $21
- $20 EB's => $1

And then in the next 48 hours your $40 EB's will print. You can do that as long as the promotion is going earning alot in EB's.

Clearance Items
You generally can use coupons on items that are on clearance.
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