Below are general guidelines regarding Walgreens Coupon policy. I have also sent an email to Corporate their coupon policy on 04/09.

Coupon FAQ's

Use the information below to ensure that your store is following the
appropriate policy when accepting both Walgreens and manufacturer

Can a customer use both a Manufacturer's coupon and Walgreens coupon
for the same item in a purchase?

One Walgreen and one manufacturer coupon can be used for the same
item, unless either coupon prohibits such use.
Walgreens Roto Ad Coupons, Instant Value Coupons (IVC), and a
manufacturer's coupon can be used towards the purchase of any one item.
"One coupon per purchase" means one coupon must be tendered for each
PIECE sold.

What happens if the Manufacturer coupon's value is more than the retail
Walgreens does not provide cash back if a coupon is presented for more
than the purchase value of the item (e.g., the customer is using the coupon

to purchase a clearance item).
If the retail of the item is less than the face value of the coupon:
the coupon value shall be the retail value if the state requires taxes to
paid on that item,
the coupon value shall be the retail value plus taxes if the state does not

require taxes to be paid on the item.

Can a customer use a coupon after a sale has been made?
All valid coupons must be presented to the cashier at the time of sale

If there is no quantity limit on a Walgreens coupon can a manager impose
his/her own limit?
Yes, managers have the right to limit the quantities of all advertised

Does Walgreens price match or accept coupons from other retailers?
Walgreens does not price match with other retailer.
Walgreens does not accept coupons from other retailers or coupons for
products not carried in our stores.
Walgreens does not accept expired coupons.

A customer purchased an item using a manufacturer's coupon and wants
to return it. At what price do we return the item?
If an item purchased with a manufacturer's coupon is returned, the
customer will get the retail price of the item. If the customer purchased
item with a Walgreens coupon, the customer receives the price paid.
Example 1: If the retail price for an item is $1.49 and the manufacturers
coupon was 25¢ off, the refund amount would be $1.49 plus tax.

Example 2: If the retail price for an item is $1.49 and the Walgreens
was 25¢ off, the refund amount would be $1.24 plus tax.

Stores are not required to keep Roto ad coupons. What about Instant Value
For Instant Value Coupons, stores receive credit from the manufacturer
ONLY if the coupon is scanned. Once an IVC coupon has been scanned
and the transaction is finished, you can discard the coupon.

A customer had a coupon with no limit on it and is trying to buy an item
that is "buy one get one free," how many times are we allowed to scan a
coupon for this purchase?
Only one coupon can be used when a customer is purchasing a Buy 1 Get
1 free item, because the customer is only purchasing one item.


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