Dear Ms. Ewing,

Thank you for emailing ShopRite. We appreciate the opportunity to respond.

We spoke with all three stores that you were requesting the coupon policies from. Both the ShopRite of Middletown and Montague have the same policy were they double everyday unless the coupon states do not double. They double coupons up to $.99. Anything beyond that value will be face value and does not double. The store also permits four coupons per the same item. For example, if you have five coupons for Turkey Hill Iced Tea and want to purchase six containers, the store will allow four coupons to be used and you pay full value for the fifth container.
As for the ShopRite of Stroudsburg, they have a different coupon policy. You must spend a minimum $10.00 in order to be allowed to have your coupons doubled. They double coupons up to $.99 everyday and face value beyond that. The store does not permit four coupons per the same item, they allow only three. Same situation as before with the Turkey Hill, you would be allowed to use three of the coupons and double them but pay face value for the other two containers.
We hope that this was helpful for you explaining our coupon policy.
If we can be of any assistance in the future, please let us know.


Alaina A.

Customer Care Representative


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